Special Systems

Special systems are optimally designed for the respective purpose.

Because of our decade-long construction and production experience we are the suitable partner for the elaboration of practical and customer specific solutions even when the tasks are exceptional and demanding.


Sedimentation separators


Sedimentation separators are used for the automatic separation of particles with a specific weight of > 2 g/cm³ from low-viscosity fluids. Main application area is the cleaning of water, which is contaminated with die coating (graphite).

Flow rates of 3000-6000 l/24h.

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Mixing and dosing systems


Mixing and dosing systems are used for the preparation of water-miscible cooling lubricants when refilling cooling lubricant systems, as well as for keeping the mixing ratio and water hardness constant.

A measuring circuit with sensitive sensor technology ensures stable properties of the cooling lubricant by corrective re-dosing in the event of losses due to evaporation or carry-over.

The flow rate is designed according to the size of the system.


Misch und Dosiergerät

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